Patterns of daily stand-up meetings

A previous coworker of mine Travis Illig recently blogged about why he thinks “It’s not OK to skip the standup“. In this post he provides reference to another about the patterns of daily stand-up meetings and this is great information for those who wonder about or are thinking about daily standup meetings.

“Daily stand-up meetings” now days are attached to the latest and greatest buzzword “agile” in the software development world.  But you, your team, or your company don’t have to follow an agile process to benefit from a daily stand-up. Communication is the foundation of any task that involves two or more people and sadly most people are just plain bad at it. Poor, or no communication flat out just doesn’t work. Bad communication fails us in so many aspects of our life and we don’t even realize it until we start thinking about it and paying attention to it….Work and home. When it fails at home with your spouse what happens? We go to a counselor who advises us to communicate with each other with advice such as “when you get home from work commit 10 minutes to each other (5 minutes each), ask your spouse how their day went, and listen whole-heartedly”… sounds an awful lot like a “stand-up” doesn’t it? I’m no psychologist but I’m here to tell you that this lesson is a fundamental building block for success within society. Home or work.

If you’re a manager, test lead, tester, woman, or man you need to be communicating…Every day. Don’t leave people in the dark. I have personally seen stand-ups work, and WORK EXTREMELY WELL at home and work. Take 2-15 minutes for a stand-up with the people you interact with. You will see an improvement, I have no doubt. Use the patterns of daily stand-up meetings as your guideline.

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