A Load of Performance Testing Info


Performance Wiki: http://performancewiki.com/home.html

Performance Wiki Blog: http://www.performancewiki.com/wordpress/

Get it? A Load of Performance testing info… If you don’t, go back to your zone and forget this poor, dry joke ever happened (after you check out the links).

Seriously though, I’ve never seen so much performance testing information in one spot. Check it out.

2 Responses to A Load of Performance Testing Info

  1. Jonathan says:


    I have so say I immensely enjoy your blog – especially the humorous error messages post a couple down. I’m posting to see if I could get your feedback/input on a company I work for called uTest which is just launching their platform. They are attempting to create a "community testing" model and I would very much like to hear your thoughts: http://www.utest.com. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


  2. Thanks Jonathan, always nice to gain another reader. I’m looking foward to giving uTest a whirl, unfortuately I didn’t appear to make it into the pilot that is currently going on though. Trust me, you will hear what I have to say once I’m in! What you guys are doing sounds very exciting, scary, and fun.


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