Testers and Developers Need Two Monitors

A long time ago I proved to myself that as a software tester and developer, working with multiple monitors was by far faster and more productive. As a tester the biggest payoff is when I run tests in one monitor while updating the test cases in the other. As a developer the payoff is writing code in one monitor and running the debug app in the other. Though I never had facts to prove this productivity I truly felt and saw it for myself. Fortunately, I’ve never been in a company that was too poor (or cheap) to provide two monitors so I never had to prove my case. I think the industry is starting to see the light. For example GoDaddy is the first place I’ve worked for that had 2 monitors as standard issue! Not only that but we are set up to use UltraMon (utility for multi-monitor systems, designed to increase productivity and unlock the full potential of multiple monitors).

If you’re a tester stuck with 17″ dual monitors or even worse, a single monitor, your evidence is now here… The results are in, the University of Utah says you can be more productive with 2 monitors and the larger the better:


Jeff Atwood, believes these are the actual results of the study.

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