Two Reasons Why You Now Have Limited Access to TFS

I work nearly all day in and around people that are using Visual Studio 2005-2008 and Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, and I keep seeing the issue where a user who once had access to a project in TFS now has read-only or can’t even get to TFS. Here are two possible reasons why you now have limited access to a project in Team Foundation Server:

  1. The source control setting has been set to Visual Source Safe. Change it back to Visual Studio Team Foundation Server by:

    1. In the top menu navigate to Tools > Options
    2. In the Options window, select the Source Control node on the left side
    3. On the right panel select Visual Studio Team Foundation Server in the dropdown

  2. clip_image001

  3. You’ve changed your network password and the old credentials are cached on your box. Clear cached credentials by:

    1. Navigating to Start and then Run
    2. Type the following text in the run box: control userpasswords2
    3. Press Enter
    4. In the resulting dialog, select the Advanced tab and then click the Manage Passwords button
    5. Select the TFS server name
    6. Click the Remove button
    7. Restart Visual Studio


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