Daisy "the diving dog" Strange

Our yellow lab Daisy loves to swim.  But really, what lab doesn’t right?

So the move from Oregon to Arizona, where there is a pool in the backyard, is a dream come true for ol’ Daisy. I honestly think that she thinks she’s in paradise sometimes.

For example, last year (at the end of August, when it’s like 85 degrees at 7:00 AM) I let Daisy out in the morning to go to the bathroom and feed her. When her morning “chores” were done I spied her walking slowly down the steps of the pool with a doggy smile on her face, as she eased in over her head with a slight groan of satisfaction…

Paradise I tell you. A dogs life… Boy, I wish.

Anyway, on to the point of this post. Daisy is a “diving dog”. As in, she fetches things from the bottom of the pool. It took her about 2 days to figure it out and gain confidence. We started in the shallow end and worked her to the deepest part. Now there is no challenge for her. Anything goes. She’ll get the object at the bottom at all costs. Amazingly, she stays under sometimes for long periods (greater than 20 seconds). This tends to happen only when you throw the object in the shade making it hard for her to see, thus making her dive a little less strategic or mathematical. 

Yes, mathematical.

She doesn’t rush into the dive. She is extremely efficient with her dives by choosing the best possible location to make the dive from. It’s very funny to watch when you throw the object into a shallow area (like the 2nd step) where a dive is not the best solution. It frustrates her, she wants to dive but she can’t…You can just see her mind going crazy as she races around trying to determine the best dive position. With no good solution available she’ll do more of a belly flop and then duck her head in to get the object. Funny stuff.

Anyway, I present to you “Daisy the diving dog”:

Just when I thought my dog was special… You’ll notice on YouTube that there are two other “Daisy the diving dog”s? WTF...It’s a small world I guess. For the record: This is Daisy Strange the diving dog from Gilbert Arizona! I’ll have to step up her YouTube rank by teaching her to save drowning children or baby-dolls on command. Stay tuned for the “Daisy the baby-doll saver” video at summer end.