James Bach the QA Hero

James Bach. Man, that guy…

He’s my QA hero.


It’s not a man-crush though, so don’t get all freaked out.

That guy…is able to eloquently match words to the things we struggle with in and as QA. He writes and speaks things that I’ve struggled to put to words for years.

Recently the TestCrew interviewed James and he spoke of things that I tried to describe recently:

TestCrew: We understand that you’re working on a new book about self-education and you will be sharing some ideas on this topic during the June CAST conference. What is the most important thing you’ve learned about self-education during your career?
James: The single most important thing about that I’ve learned about self-education is that it isn’t an activity I sit down to, as in “now I will educate myself.” Rather, it’s a way of looking at the world as a puzzle that I must solve, and most of my waking life is an opportunity to discover clues that help me solve it. Walking along a beach can be self-education, or noticing how my son plays a video game. My education comes largely by paying attention while life is going by, and noticing the patterns. For the tester, rapid self-education is essential. We get a half-baked product and must make sense of it. That’s fundamentally a learning task.

If you are in QA and you don’t follow James Bach then you are just making it hard on yourself. He paves the way. When he speaks…LISTEN. I guarantee you’ll learn something.

I mean, really… Look at him, how can you pass up a hero like this?


3 Responses to James Bach the QA Hero

  1. Rosie Sherry says:

    Hah! Love the picture 🙂

  2. James Bach says:

    Well, thanks Brent. I recently lost forty pounds, and I am working out… So, that’s not a bad picture.

  3. Mubbashir says:

    He is really "The Hero" for quite a few for us, thanks for the post.
    And yes for the Picture the picture.

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