ArtOfTest Now Has a Record/Playback Tool


ArtOfTest, creators of the browser automation framework WebAii, released a record/playback tool that works from within Visual Studio 2008! The beta release of “Design Canvas 1.0” fills a huge gap in the ArtofTest automation solution. Not only has ArtOfTest provided this great functionality, but this functionality looks really, REALLY cool. See for yourself with their 30 second QuickStart videos. I haven’t had time to dig into it myself yet but I’m really excited to do so. From an automation engineer that spends much of his day writing tests in Visual Studio, watching these videos made my mouth water. I’m thinking that ArtOfTest is going to take a lion’s share in the automation space in the next few years. They’ve chosen a great platform (.NET), a great IDE (VS 2008), and are working toward providing test and automation solutions for new technologies such as SilverLight.

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