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Open source "SQL Load Test"


For those of you in need of doing SQL load testing from Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 there is a new open source project at CodePlex called SQL Load Test. How does SQL Load Test work?

“This tool takes a SQL Profiler trace file and generates a unit test that replays the same sequence of database calls found in the trace file. The unit test is designed to be used in a Visual Studio Load Test. The code generated is easily modifiable so that data variation can be introduced for the purpose of doing performance testing.”

Get more info and download SQL Load Test here.

Defect of the day: last.fM Disney song sang by metal band Cinderella


I’ve been using to recently and last night had good luck tapping into some great 80’s songs by creating a station by using artist: “Kiss”. Oddly enough over the course of two hours I didn’t hear any Kiss songs but I did venture into a few solo albums from various members of the group. As I was coding away on a personal project, and slightly paying attention to the music, I was brought to full attention when I heard a pretty, Disney, girly, kids’ song. What the… When I brought the window up I was greeted with the meta of the song “A Dream Is a Wish Your Hear Makes” from the “Ultimate Disney Princess”…here’s the kicker/defect:

Sang by Cinderella…the late 80’s early 90’s glam metal band. Hehe, too funny.


Go Daddy’s QA Blog:


Things have been a bit quite here at QAInsight for the last few months wouldn’t you agree? As always the days and nights are never quite long enough to get all those things I want done.

I have one excuse though.

Actually I have more than one but I’m only going to share one with you:

I’ve been working undercover with the FBI and Viacom to help parse Google/YouTube logs to obtain logons which relate to IPs, which point to people who are uploading copyrighted content. A mass effort to prepare for the largest bust in digital history.

No… Just kidding.

Really, I’m kidding don’t start with that death threat stuff. I’ve already had three this week.

Apparently the insightful QA advice found on said Software QA blog has increased defect finding and input by QA Engineers across the globe  and developers are angry. Go figure, they want to eliminate me because apparently I’m the ring-leader that has slowed down their development process and release to production.

It’s just a blog. I set forth ideas, I didn’t do the defect finding. Please spare my life. Please? I have kids.

In fear of my life I’m going to lie low a while.

In the meantime, take some more QA advice from me and go check out Go Daddy’s new QA blog They have a QA army of 50 talented individuals. I expect to see some good stuff come from these peeps.

Oh… By the way, if you’re a developer and you see posts on where the author is “Brent Strange”…

IT’S NOT ME. It’s another Brent Strange. Ironically this one does QA too. Go figure.

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