Do Loop Until 0, a New Software Quality Assurance Comic

Do Loop Until 0 introduction 

I’ve been using Adobe Photoshop since version 3.0.  Back in the day I had to to insert MANY 3.5″ floppy disks to install it on my PC (20 or more I think). Oh, the good old days… Fast forward to 2009. I use Photoshop a LOT. For all kinds of things. Web design, logo design, photography touch up, creative drawing, etc. I LOVE graphic design.

I also love software quality assurance. I’ve had a desire for nearly two years to express my quality assurance thoughts via a comic. Over those years I’ve toyed with some ideas, created a few proto-types that included monkeys as testers, and received some great “How-To” advice from Brad Fitzpatrick. Inspired by Brad Fitzpatrick, IKEA assembly instructions, Shadow Culture’s Bug Bash, and a TDD poster I think I’ve come up with something. I’m not sure that we’re dealing with a “comic”  because it’s not necessarily funny (at least not my first two strips). It’s more of an illustration of simple things that occur between a Quality Assurance Engineer and a Software Developer, and yet more complex thoughts or methodologies occurring in the industry. I suppose that it could be more of a graphic storytelling that reveals a sick truth, simple lesson, or moral? I’m a very visual person. Images stick with me better than words. I know I’m not the only one. Through these images and subtle text hints I hope to tease the QA and developer mind and invoke some QA thought.

My new comic is entitled “DO LOOP UNTIL 0”, a name that is a software defect itself… In the BASIC language, “DO LOOP UNTIL 0” causes an infinite loop. Infinite loops are just plain bad when it comes to software. šŸ™‚

For now I’ll host it here on, you can also get to it via and Once it becomes wildly successful and crashes the server in my office closet I’ll think about giving it a real dedicated home. Until then, let me know how I’m doing. Your comments are inspiring, good or bad.

Oh, the comic… I’ll post the first in the next few days. I’m still tweaking a few brush strokes… err… pixels.

2 Responses to Do Loop Until 0, a New Software Quality Assurance Comic

  1. Phil Kirkham says:

    Nice idea, looking forward to reading the first issue !!

  2. Thanks! This is something that QA has needed for a long time.

    Let us know when your first masterpiece is ready!


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