7 Ways to Test Browser Compatibility

Seven ways to test browser compatibility, without having to manage your own testing lab:


Browser compatibility testing solutions have made some progress in the last year but it’s still far from ideal. A while back, I had a dream

  • I want to screen-shot any page in my website (requires a decent, free, scripting engine that will allow me to get to the various pages in my site that can’t be accessed via a specific URL (Watir?) ).
  • I want to screen-shot my site that is not yet published for the world (requires the service to exist within my internal network).
  • Once I’ve approved an ideal layout screen-shot I want the software to determine and tell me if the other screen-shots are worth looking at (by doing a statistical image comparison with a predefined pass/fail threshold).  Maybe MeerMeer is on the right road to doing this?
  • I want to provide basic wire-frame definitions and have software determine if my screen-shots are within reason (by analyzing elements in the DOM and browser dimensions)
  • Get rid of screen-shots and do DOM to DOM element width and height comparisons between browsers (Come on, it’s a dream, standards compliance for all browsers (another dream) might make it possible?)

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