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Link roundup for Visual Studio Team System 2010 Test Edition


Test and Lab Manager I’ve been playing around with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Team System (Beta 1) the last few weeks and I have to say that I’m pretty excited about what Microsoft is doing to help tie development, testing, and environments together.  The things that stands out the most to me is the “Test and Lab Manager”. This tool allows me to write manual tests, automate tests, and then configure, control and run those tests in specified physical or virtual environment. Although beta 1 is pretty rough around the edges, what I’m seeing is really exciting. Through my playing around and research I’ve gathered a few links full of information, screenshots, demos, videos, and official documentation. Peruse and enjoy, but before you get started, go get a rag so that you can clean the drool off of the side of your mouth when you’re done.

MSDN documentation for “Testing the Application” in VSTS 2010:

Video: Functional UI Testing with VSTS 2010

How to add a VSTS 2010 coded UI test to a build:

Creating and running a VSTS 2010 coded UI test through a Lab Manager project:

Explanation of the various Test tool names and products:

VSTS related blogs:

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