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Firefox “Community Development” model lacks quality


FireFoxBugs The recent release of Firefox 3.5 on June 30th appears to be riddled with defects and it’s woes have hit the press. The article points out 55 open defects, I went out assessed the mess myself and see 58 defects and 22 enhancements associated with the 3.5 and 3.6a1 milestones. But here is the kicker, all the defects were reported BEFORE the release date of June 30th. Yet they decided to release with the defects anyway. See the summary for yourself here, notice the dates in the “Opened” column for the 3.6a1 list. Mozilla isn’t shy about their lack of quality either, on the Mozilla QA site they boldly proclaim the upcoming tester’s event “Firefox BugDay – Catch Missed Blocker, Critical, and Major 3.5 bugs!“. Jaw dropping key word being: MISSED. Wow! At least we have to admire their transparency right?

Mozilla, these are the things that kill browsers. Firefox has spent a long time acquiring users, and when you have people uninstalling because of issues, well, it’s just not good. The picture is bleak. Releases with knowledge of critical, major and and a pile of normal defects is bad software development and makes me question the whole “Community Development” model. Does community development mean to Mozilla “Community QA after a release”?  Let’s hope not, I don’t want to see another browser disappear off of the Mozilla branch.

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