Tips for Automation Success: Toot Your Horn

Tips for Test Automation SuccessToot your automation horn! “beep-beep!” Or is that a “HONK-HONK!”? Typically people don’t know what your up to in your little test automation world if you don’t communicate/toot. Communication gets it out there, getting it out there will allow it to spread. Verbally, in status reports, in executive summaries, etc. “What do I toot?”, you say?  Toot your success and your failure:

  1. Toot: Your test stats:
    • Calculate time saved by running automated tests vs. manually running the tests. Toot the time saved per test run, per week, per month, per year.
    • Automated test case count
    • Test assertion count (often time x4 the number of tests) 
    • Count of and description of defects found
    • Count and description of defects found through early involvement
  2. Toot: Your test framework features and value
    • Code reuse
    • Consistency
    • Shared tests
    • Patterns and practices
  3. Toot: Your failures:
    • So that other automation engineers don’t make the same mistakes
    • To keep things realistic. Positive only is hard to believe!

There is a fine line for tooting automation, “To toot or not to toot?”, that is the question. Don’t be (too) cocky. For example, a good toot is “Automated regression passed! Now that’s nice, the state of the build determined in 2 minutes!”. A bad toot: “This automation is so awesome, you guys would be screwed without it!”. Don’t over toot. Nobody likes an annoying tooter. Toot stats in your status report. Verbally toot once or twice a week to the project/Dev team. Toot your heart out to your fellow automation engineers, they are on the same page.

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