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A Great Software Testing Comic: Cartoon Tester


Fellow tester and cartoonist Andy Glover showed up on the SQA testing cartoon scene earlier this year with his comic strip Cartoon Tester. Andy does a great job in recognizing, mocking, and illustrating the classic tester and developer relationship as well as the general testers’ life. When I discovered and read his comic for the first time in the first Software Testing Club magazine I found myself laughing out loud.

The sad, sad truth about software development. It’s hilarious! Make sure and subscribe to Andy’s comic here.


Watir Podcast #32 with guest Brent Strange!


Watir Podcast #32 is out and in this episode Zeljko and Gregg have me as a guest! In #32, we spend some time talking about how our Hosting Team at GoDaddy uses Watir for website automation, the supporting framework and patterns, and much more. When your ears have a few spare minutes you can get the podcast at and

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