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Screencast: Automate with VS 2010 Express, WebAii, MbUnit, & C#


In this screencast I walk you through doing basic browser setup and automation using a free technology stack: Visual Studio 2010 Express, the WebAii Testing Framework from Telerik, C#, and MbUnit/Gallio. Why this stack you ask? Well, what I’m showing you is a FREE, non-trial, stepping stone to help you do a proof a concept with some leading edge tools in .NET without forking out the money.

One thing that we struggle with in our department is helping those who are interested in doing automation explore the possibility while aligning with technologies the development team is using. The problem is the initial cost of Microsoft’s Visual Studio and Telerik’s WebUi Test Studio (which uses the WebAii API) is far to much for somebody that is just tinkering (greater than $5000). This technology stack enables you to tinker, but keep in mind you will be missing out on a LOT of features and productivity enablers that come with the product that you pay for. For example with WebUi Test Studio Developer Edition you can get Visual Studio integration which gives recording functionality (a huge productivity enabler) and with Visual Studio Pro the ability to use WebUI project templates, advanced debugging, etc. Ideally, once you’ve proven out your POC for management you would be able to solicit for the funds for the full product, which in turn would open up another world of collaboration and productivity.


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