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Top 5 Reasons QA Insight Has Gone Dark


Hey there! I’m still part of your feed? It’s been a while my friend.

As I prepare to speak at StarWest this year, I’m reminded by my bio that “Brent enjoys blogging and cartooning about his QA, testing, and development experiences on“. Though I haven’t blogged in quite some time, I truly still do love writing here, but things change & priorities change. I have 5 good reason why this blog has “gone dry”. Alright some are reasons, some are excuses. Here goes:

  1. Go Daddy: It’s where I work, and it consumes me (in a good way). It’s a great place to work, with never ending challenges, and the sky is the limit. You can be involved and successful as you want/dare to be. I’ve chosen to write¬† 2 of my own tickets. One says “software automation” and the other says “agile process via Kanban“. Those 2 tickets consume quite a bit of time for me. On top of that, my required day job involves working on the “Nebula” team which builds and supports the internal Go Daddy Cloud Storage (JBOD), which is used by many public facing Go Daddy products. I can write hundreds of posts on this stuff. Lets see what happens after the blog revamp.
  2. Blog Revamp: If you haven’t noticed, this blog has been hosted out of the closet of my home. The port 8080 forwarding thing messes all sorts of stuff up (stats, search, etc.). I need to port this content from dasblog to WordPress and get it out of my closet (hmmm. wonder where I should host? Yes, I’ll be dog fooding-it at Go Daddy). This mountain of work has been a huge blog writing demotivater for me. As I type now, the CPU fan in the little pizza box that this site is hosted on is squealing. It’s doomed, the site could go down today, next month, or next year. All I know is that I’ve got to get this project moving. Hosting and conversion first, theming later. Taking the time to do so, means sacrificing the family.
  3. Family: The wife and kids, boy do I love them. Writing about QA and testing usually happens at night when they are in bed, so I don’t sacrifice my time with them. Seems simple enough, until I realized that my lack of physical fitness has a huge impact on my life (insomnia, back and neck pain, mild depression).
  4. Physical Fitness: Write about QA at night, then get up at 4:50 AM to workout. Boy-oh-boy, that equals tired. Family, work, health, then blogging, can you guess which one suffers?
  5. Religion/Faith: I’ve had a spiritual reawakening in the last few years. I sincerely have a REAL commitment to God now. It honestly has changed my life, my perspective, my parenting skills, and my marriage. Though this is last on the list, its actually the most important time consumer on the list. On top of the bullets above, attending, serving (teaching 1st grade), bible studies, and a Guatemala mission trip are also taking up my time (through Mission Community Church).

So, that with said, rest in comfort knowing that I’m still alive, doing better than ever, and still fighting the good fight (Testing & Quality). Please look forward to a summary post talking about what I’ve been doing at Go Daddy in the last 2 years. Hopefully there will be more to follow once this blog is converted to a hosted WordPress account. Until then.

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