Converted from DasBlog to WordPress

WordPress Logo Well, I’ve gone and done it. I’ve moved from DasBlog to WordPress, which means moving from the server in my office closet to being hosted at Conversion was pretty straight forward:

  1. Converted DasBlog content to BlogML using the DasBlog to BlogML Converter
  2. Did miscelaneous link cleanup in the BlogML file (removed port 8080 internal references, etc)
  3. Imported the BlogML file into WordPress using BlogML Importer WordPress plug-in
  4. Ran Web Link Validator to find broken URLs, and then fixed them
  5. Reviewed Google’s impression of my site through Google Webmaster Tools, and fixed it’s complaints

The whole port 8080 thing I had going on… those links aren’t going to resolve anymore since I’m doing shared hosting and have no control over the ports (in order to forward). Lesson learned, it is what it is.

Now it’s time to create a new QA Insight WordPress theme! HTML5 & CSS3 here I come.

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