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Defect of the Day: Traffic Lights, Induction Loops and Snow


Today the Portland area was blessed with a fairly decent coating of snow and under that a thin base of ice. With all things coated in white, clean and pretty looking, a defect loomed…

This morning I braved the weather and set out to the streets armed with a 2007 Ford Fusion (front wheel drive with traction control), ice and snow driving skills (which a large amount of Portland motorists don’t have), and defensive driving skills taken to the next level (from riding a street motorcycle).

Danger after danger I went around, turned around from & back-tracked, and chuckled at due to the foolishness. My snow-driven cheery mood could not be swayed by danger and foolishness! Two blocks from work I pulled up to the last light that I would encounter on my harrowing journey. With the destination in sight, my mind was at ease and I patiently waited for that green go light. and waited. and waited. AND WAITED.

About 2 minutes into it the lady in the turn lane next to me had enough and started to renegotiate her car’s position trying to trip the traffic light’s magnetic induction loop inside the road. Watching her, I started to second guess my position since everything was buried in snow. Looked good to me, it all lined up in my mind. Even if we didn’t trip the magnetic induction loop, the signal would default to a standard set amount of time per light/direction right? Right!? Wrong. We were screwed. No green for us. Denied by ODOT. Denied by a defect. I can’t believe this is the case everywhere, but it sure was at this stoplight.

Three minutes later I looked both ways and went for it. Unscathed I am. Don’t try this at home. 🙂

Five things you (seriously) didn’t know about me


I’ve been tagged by Greg and now I’ve been held accountable to post Five things you (seriously) didn’t know about me. I usually ignore this stuff when it comes around in email, but I think my readers deserve to know a little more about me. I suppose it could make me more personable? I’ll put a little twist on it by giving you 5 astonishing deep, dark, juicy, closet like facts and 5 light, ho-hum, boring facts about me (minus the gory details). Ten little snippets in all. If you want details, then let’s talk!

Dark and Juicy 5

  1. I search for and watch youTube videos with keywords “fist fighting”. Some caveman-like part of me finds guys beating each other up intriguing.
  2. I like danger. I own a Yamaha YZF R1 Sport Bike and it currently fulfills my danger desire (when it accidentally goes over 110 MPH in few seconds).
  3. I had a son that was born at 26 weeks and lived for 2 days. It changed my life in so many ways, and lessons were learned by OHSU that helped to improve neo-natal care.
  4. I live in and hate the city. However, I have a hard time swallowing change when it impacts my family; so I can’t get out.
  5. I’d rather manage cattle, mend fences, and ride a horse all day than be in high-tech.

Ho-Hum 5

  1. I was construction worker and construction business owner for 6 years. Trades of tile, painting, and finish carpentry.
  2. I owned my own small, mall bizness named “Twisted Pretzel”. It failed because the location was crappy. The product was like a bagel in pretzel form. Tasty…
  3. I have 4 kids. I love ’em like crazy, even though they drive me crazy!
  4. In high school I graduated in the top 10. There were only 26 in my class… Shut up! Top 10 is the important thing.
  5. I drive an oxidized 1993 Isuzu Rodeo with 160k miles and balding tires because I want to. I wash it only once a year because its so ugly you can’t really tell when it’s clean.

Part of the tagging game is that I need to tag 5 others. I choose Dror, RosieJohn, Antony, and Brian. Tag, you’re it; please give us “Five things you (seriously) didn’t know about me” 🙂

18 popular testing posts you might have missed in 2006


Its been a little over a year since I rolled out with my just starting, blogging beginner, writer wanna-be Hello world post. If you’re a recent subscriber or just happened to stumble upon the site you most likely missed my top 18 Quality Assurance & Testing related posts in 2006. Why 18? Why not? Why do you find defects when a developer says “only a tiny change was made, you don’t need to test it”? Because that’s just the way it is. None the less, here’s the 18:

Automating Web UI testing with SWEA, C#, & NUnit
Virtual PC 2004 Differencing, Undo and Fixed Disks
Using HTTPWatch for Web application testing
Managing IIS from the command line
Using WatirNUt to create tests to run with NUnit and NAnt
Configure FireFox preferences
Spoofing user agent strings with User Agent Switcher
Password harvesting with AutoComplete and JavaScript
Internet Explorer shortcut keys (IE7 too)
Kleptomania (copy the uncopyable)
XSS cheat sheet
The search for the perfect Web Service testing tool
Test cookie poisoning
Inexpensive Web page automation
The good and bad of defect screenshots
View textbox maxlength with one click
Viewing ASP.NET viewstate with ViewState Decoder

How to execute and prevent buffer overflows

A wonderful year it has been, I’ve learned a ton about blogs, blogging, testing, QA and QAInsight visitors.

How do I feel about blogging after 1 year of doing so?

First off, I haven’t lost that initial thought the day I started dreaming about blogging: I really don’t care to write about “Quality Assurance” process or methodology, I prefer to talk about “Testing”. I feel “Quality Assurance” has been driven into the ground and I’m just plain tired of hearing about it. Don’t get me wrong, process and methodology is important but it just gets old when you hear the same thing over and over, each with a little, unique twist to it. I’ll leave that to the other guys, testing is my love.

Second, writing about testing doesn’t drive hoards of people to your site. Duh… it’s boring unless you are in QA and are sincerely interested in improving your testing.

Third, when writing about testing it often requires technical details with detailed steps. It is REALLY REALLY hard to show personality and humor when doing this (at least for me).

Fourth, I enjoy creative writing far more than writing technical posts. Writing a testing post requires note taking, procedural step documentation, and just plain TIME. Creative writing I can spit out in 20 minutes with little thought or fret. For example, my post Death toll rises due to FireFox got a TON of hits and I wrote it on the fly without having to think like a robot. People gobble this stuff up! I love writing like this, and will be doing more of it in the years to come.

Fifth, leaving comments on other blogs or sites and those comments just happen to point to your site will help drive traffic. For example: Six reasons why Robert Scoble is Mini-Microsoft. Granted, calling somebody out on something helps too. 😉

Sixth, Google Adsense drives traffic. When you write a post, Google notices, your content is indexed quickly, and can be found through Google search.

And last but not least, the blog software Dasblog is the way to go. It works and it works well. If you’re thinking about about starting a blog, do yourself a favor and set yourself up with Dasblog.

Some blogging gratification


About a month ago I posted about how NUnit fails with SystemIOFileNotFoundException. This month Noah left a comment stating “A malformed xml file screwed me up too. You saved me hours of my life.”

Hell yeah! My blogging did somebody some good! I love it! This is what I want to see… This is what I want to hear.

As far as I figure you peeps think I’m in it for the Google Adsense revenue but… REALLY I’m not. Yes, the revenue is nice and has paid for my car, bike, house, dog, and the wife’s boob job (super-duper thanks for that by the way), but I’m not materialistic like that. I’m doing this for you peeps…

Google Adsens Revenue for 10 months of blogging: $108.71 (Have you seen my car? Not gonna touch the boob thing). 

Helping somebody via a blog post: priceless 

Thanks for the comment Noah. 🙂

An adventure with blog traffic


I pay a lot of attention to what brings people into and I have to say I’m surprised, disappointed, and flabbergasted by what people are interested in…

I want people to be interested in due to it’s Quality Assurance and testing tool posts, and I’ve done my best to market it that way by doing things such as allowing my content to be blog farmed at so that the posts sit next to other popular QA peoples in the industry (Bret Pettichord, James Bach, etc). Doing this has helped bring in readers and traffic (which is great)! But what bugs me is that my shocklog entries are the traffic drivers for!?

Check out how my post Six reasons why Robert Scoble is Mini-Microsoft caused a surge:

And how Death toll rises due to FireFox made a mountain out of a mole hill.

I don’t get it… People would rather read my gossip and fiction over a QA related post? Hey now, I know, I know. Yes, QA can be boring. Yes, QA doesn’t apply to everybody but gossip and fiction sure does.

I like to write both (fact and fiction) but the fiction is hard to swallow because I didn’t create the site for that. What are your thoughts? Do you want more “Enquirer” type posts? Should I move those type of entries to a separate category? Should I not change a thing?

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