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Hunt in PDX and win an 8GB iPod Nano


A couple weeks ago, Jeff pointed me to a Web site and game that his friend created . The site provides clues to finding a sticker located somewhere in the Portland area and if you find that sticker you win a prize. The first prize was a Nintendo Wii, the 1st hunt is long gone and now they’ve moved on to Hunt #2 with a prize of 8GB iPod Nano. Monkey Treasure is where you can sign up and get involved on the 2nd hunt. Here is the buccaneer recruiting blurb from

Buccaneers Wanted!

Embark with us on an adventure to find stolen pirate treasure. Our treasure ship was stolen by a group of Monkeys, and we’ve managed to follow them to the Portland area. We want you to become a buccaneer and help us recover our treasure. It won’t be easy, as these monkeys are very devious. They like to taunt us by leaving clues. We’ve been close, but they’ve managed to stay one step ahead of us. We’re offering great rewards for leads that get us closer to capturing them!

They’ve done a great job so far, the clues make you think pretty hard, and if you put the blog clues and forums under massive scrutiny you could find yourself the winner of the iPod Nano that’s up for grabs.

Ready for the challenge? Enlist here.

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