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A Great Software Testing Comic: Cartoon Tester


Fellow tester and cartoonist Andy Glover showed up on the SQA testing cartoon scene earlier this year with his comic strip Cartoon Tester. Andy does a great job in recognizing, mocking, and illustrating the classic tester and developer relationship as well as the general testers’ life. When I discovered and read his comic for the first time in the first Software Testing Club magazine I found myself laughing out loud.

The sad, sad truth about software development. It’s hilarious! Make sure and subscribe to Andy’s comic here.


1st Edition of STC Magazine is out


imageThe first copy of the Software Testing Club magazine (STC) is out! I had a chance to review it before the release and I have to say it’s a really cool magazine. It’s fun, different, and not so stuffy. SQA talk can get so boring, but STC breaks out of that box. Between the articles written by the community, the artwork, the comic strips, and the smart-ass QA and development quotes on the bottom-left of every other page, I found myself having a great time reading it. I really enjoyed the comics by Andy Glover, and found myself laughing out loud over them.

I’d like to also point out that my Do Loop Until 0 comic is in the magazine. Not necessarily funny, but a quick view of the realities of testers and developers in the software development environment. I’ll admit Do Loop Until 0 can be a little deep at times, but if you study the details closely the irony will hit you like  a sledgehammer. The more I do the strip, the more I realize how Spy vs. Spy influenced me as a child.

Take a look yourself here, I really do think you’d enjoy it.

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