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Defect of the Day: Google Maps – Swim from NY to Italy


I’m not sure if this is a defect or a Google joke, but I’ll call it a defect since it could possibly put peoples’ lives at risk. Err..mentally challenged peoples’ lives that is.

If you use Google Maps to plot your driving course from New York to Italy, step 32 asks you to “Swim across the Atlantic Ocean 5,572 km“. <insert smart ass comment here, I’ll spare you mine>.

I’d be interested to know the truth behind this “swim” recommendation. Why not fly or boat to avoid lawsuits?

Recently I attended Harry Robinson’s presentation (from Google) on How to build your own Robot army and he talked about some of the defects that were found while testing Google Maps. They’ve had some serious defects and testing challenges, which leads me to believe that the swim recommendation is not a feature but a defect?

Thanks Aaron for the link/defect.

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Hey, I’m Brent Strange and I’m a Software Quality Assurance Rock-Star. Yep, ROCK-STAR. Before you get all… “Wow, you’re really conceited” hear me out.

Attitude is everything. You see, since I was young I used to dream about being a rock-star (as many others have too). I can’t get over that image of me standing in the bright lights, guitar strapped to my shirtless sweaty torso as my fingers hammer out a riff while teenagers and young at heart moms faint with giddiness in the front row. Ahh… I can see it, the screaming fans, scrawling my rock-star signature on giddy women’s forsaken body parts, living life on the edge while nearly dying thrice but never learning my lesson (booze, jealous girlfriend, high speed accident). The only thing saving my life in my reckless rampage is the down-fall of my band which force me to retire comfortably in Key West, Florida where I run my 50 foot catamaran out to the public reef for snorkeling tourists (at $200 a head).

But, since I suck at the guitar I’ve settled with quality assurance. Not the “settle” with the bad attitude where I just do the job, get my 8 hours in and go home, but “settle” where I try to get the best of both worlds by incorporating a rock-star attitude into my test ideas, techniques, plans and cases.

Why I Blog
I’m not an expert in Quality Assurance and never will be. I enjoy learning from “experts” as well as teaching myself through real world experience. What I learn I like to pass on, thus I teach, train, and blog. The internet has been a great QA and technology training ground for me, but I’m sick of the overwhelming QA methodology and process articles. I have an understanding of QA methodology and process under my belt but in this age of agile testing, I want to know about (and find more interesting) unique test tools that fit my here and now test needs, test techniques, tips & tricks, and a better understanding of the technology that I’m testing. My goal is to have my QA blog based on those same things to help expand the internet’s QA training ground. If you are interested in those same things, please subscribe to (it’s FREE).

My Background
I think my get-er-done attitude comes from my years of experience in construction as painter and finish carpenter where quality and speed mattered if you wanted to make money. With a half a decade of working for “the man” as a painter (specializing in lacquer work), I decided to have a go at business myself with S&S Painting, Twisted Pretzel, and All Angles Construction. I learned valuable lessons from each business and only failed at one (Twisted Pretzel: In think the food biz sucks…the product rots and location is everything).

While making a career out of construction I was deeply interested and dabbling in PCs, Internet, Web design, and PhotoShop. My hobbies were hopeful dreams and one day I decided I was going to make those dreams a reality by pursuing anything in the related industry. Beating the street led me to MicroTech where I was a salesman, PC technician, and ultimately store manager. One shiny day, I got a call from PCTest looking for QA Engineers in which I promptly signed up for (I wanted to be a geek and didn’t want to manage). At PCTest I did hardware compatibility for multimedia titles (Alien vs Predator, Barbie Goes to the Circus, etc.) and broke into Web application testing when PCTest landed an Intel account. After working with Intel for a while I was persuaded to join them and that I did. My Intel career lasted for two years, and it ended when I joined one of their new business groups (NBG) that spun off and then was denied our 2nd round funding by Intel and Visa. We were dot com bomb victims. Jobless… I quickly moved on to Corillian and have been here since 2001 where I’ve been testing banking and security applications, and also managed the Pro Services QA group for a year.

Hobbies and Interests

– Web, graphic, and logo design
– Photography
– Youth Baseball (my kids)
– Teaching
– Writing
– Music/Guitar
– Hunting

Cell: 480-250-6450
LinkedIn: Brent Strange

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