I’m Going to Have a Go at "Testing Screencasts"

I’ve realized the beauty of screencasts at work recently. About a month ago I spent a week and half giving a training presentation 6 times to train the whole QA team at GoDaddy. After presentation #2 I was bored and felt like a programmed robot. Recently, I decided that screencasting might be a better way of training so many people, so I did one. Success or failure is still to be determined, but I really like the idea of being able to show people how to do something rather than explain in it with a ton of words and expect them to venture out on their own and remember what I told them.

Me: Why not carry that thinking into this blog?
You: Great idea Brent!
Me: Do you really think so? Thanks!
You: Don’t fail me.
Me: Bite me. You want it or not?

I’m adding a “Testing Screencasts” category. Get ready to do some watching and listening. I’ll start small, until I gain some screencasting mojo.

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