I’m Looking for an Automation Engineer (SDET)

Go Daddy’s Hosting R&D department is looking to hire a Software Automation Engineer/SDET. Check out the job posting here. This is an awesome opportunity my QA friend. Let me tell you why:

  1. You’ll be working with me! Uhmm, why so quiet?. not impressed? Never mind I said that then. How about you’ll be working at the same company as Danica Patrick then?
  2. You’ll be working with cutting edge technology.
  3. Our process is agile (we practice Kanban).
  4. We work on “cloud computing” products.
  5. The opportunity to expand your test and development skills is huge.
  6. The team is tight knit, super smart, we work hard, and yet have fun.
  7. The team is passionate about our products.
  8. As an Automation Engineer you aren’t trapped into using one set of test tools or a language. We use what works best and makes sense for the situation.
  9. You’ll be in the position to mentor other engineers in the art of automation.
  10. You’ll be surrounded by other Automation Engineers which gives you the opportunity to collaborate with equally minded people.
  11. Oh yeah, and Go Daddy in general is awesome place to work, check out the Go Daddy careers page for more info.

You know you want to! Apply here.

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